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Exhaust Systems

Exhaust sysiem upgrades make dramatic power gains and quicken boost response in turbo cars.


2Bennett Cat back

(SKU #2BFPIM-0514) 2000- 2001 hidden tips

(SKU #2BFPIM-0515) 2002- 2004 beauty tips

2Bennett Allroad 2.7T Exhaust is a stainless steel, mandrel bent, cat-back exhaust. The exhaust begins after the factory catalytic converters with dual 2.5" pipes, and continues back to the innovative center muffler. From there, it splits to two separate mufflers placed in the factory location. This exhaust really helps to awaken the 2.7T, but keeps the stateliness that it deserves. With TIG welding, fully stainless construction, and CNC'ed hangers.

Price: $1,199.00

APR Downpipes and cats

(SKU #2BFPIM-0519) 2.7L

2Bennett Allroad 2.5" Cat and Downpipe Exhaust replaces the the exhaust from the turbochargers to behind the lower factory catalytic converters. The system removes the factory pre-cats right off of the turbocharger and includes six separate components. Included are the two pipes off of each turbocharger, a set of pipes with catalytic converters, and a set of test pipes without cats. With TIG welding, fully stainless construction, and CNC'ed hangers.

Price: $1,659.00


2B 3" Downpipes

(SKU #2b2.7downpipes)

 2Bennett 3" Stainless Steel downpipe set is the highest flow and quality on the market. You choose straight pipes or high flow cats. Quick engine revs and a must for big power. Downpipes come coated in thermal barrier.

Choice of outlet sizes to fit APR or 2B cat backs.

Price: $1,995.00

2B 3" Cat back

(SKU #2ba63incabak)

 2Bennett 3" Stainless Steel catback takes full advantage of the massive 2B downpipes. Feel the quickness in turbo response, feel the power. A must for a stage 3 turbo upgraded or any performance driven car.

Price: $1,995.00