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Power Products

2.7 Twin turbo

ECU Upgrade

APR Stage 1

(SKU #2.7aprstage1)

 APR's extensive research and development provides you with a powerful ECU Upgrade with no loss of drivability or reliability. Expect huge increases in low-end torque, improved throttle response and a smoother, more powerful top end. APR's ECU Upgrades are available in octane specific versions to allow you to take full advantage of the fuel quality available in your area. APR's patented EMCS functionality puts the control of the engine's operation at your finger tips and allows for additional features and options to be installed to your OEM ECU.

91 octane= 307hp /366lb ft torque 

Price: $599.00

K-04 Turbo kit


 2B RS4 turbo bolt on kit- 2 RS4 K04 turbos, hardware, gaskets, and the plumbing to directly bolt them on without the rest of the stage3 kit. Upgrade reliability and power.
 Did you blow up your K03 or just can't do the whole stage 3 yet? This package is the ultimate turbo replacement. Works with 6 speed and Tiptronic cars.

Price: $4,400.00

Stage 3 turbos and software package

(SKU #t3100001)

RS4 Turbochargers                            
RS4 Mass Air Flow Meter
RS4 Mass Airflow Meter to Turbo inlet plumbing
RS4 Aluminum top Air distribution Y pipe
RS4 Fuel injectors
RS4 Fuel pump
RS4 Airbox
Stainless Steel fuel injector adapters
All associated plumbing, gaskets, hoses, hardware

 APR has retuned our software for the A6/Allroad. Utilizing new tools and techniques, the 2.7 Allroad Stage III now outputs 447hp and 467lb-ft on 93 octane pump gas, and 485hp and 498lb-ft on 104 octane gas. Even more power with 2Bennett custom additional components.

Price: was $8k in 2002. The parts are now hard to obtain. Email or call for quote

 intercoolers- The function of the intercoolers is to reduce the intake air temperature. The turbochargers are extremely hot causing the air compressed to be thin from the heat. Increasing cooling efficiency makes cooler, denser, more combustible air. This means more power.

RS4 Intercooler kit

(SKU #IC100001)

 RS4 Intercooler set with silicone hoses. Increased horsepower, smoothness, and quality. Larger than Allroad coolers and all Aluminum construction. 

Price: $1,249.00

 Bipass valves- Factory installed valves are a very weak link in the intake tract. Premium valves do not tear internally. This protects turbochargers from over rev and poor performance.

Bipass Valves


BAILEY- Aluminum turbo charge air bipass valve. Piston valve design with 2B lifetime warranty.

Price: $189.00   2 required per car

Bipass Valves

(SKU #DV100001)

 APR- Aluminum turbo charge air bipass valve. Diaphram valve design with lifetime warranty.

Price: $159.00  2 required per car