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Allroad Drivetrain

  Transmission, Clutch, Axles, Etc.

2B GTR Transmission tiptronic

(SKU #2bgtrtrans)

 2Bennett completely rebuilds Allroad transmissions replacing all the weak parts with custom 2B internals. 2B GTR Transmissions can handle 500 hp and are used in our Tiptronic racecars. Comes with 2B modified torque converter. Now you can stage 3 your engine or tow your boat.

Price: $6,800.00 exch.

Remanufactured Torque Converter


 Factory reman with the updated/improved seal design

Price: $795.00  exch.

2B GTR Torque Converter


 2B GTR Torque Converters create a solid hookup for Allroads that haul loads or have Horsepower mods. Great middle ground for cars that don't quite need the full GTR Trans.

Price: $1,195.00  exch.


6 speeds-


Transmission Brace 6 speed manuals

(SKU #dtsallroad)

Aluminum drive train brace. Secures transmission to underbody. Fits 6 speeds. Special Allroad design holds engine and transmission more securely under load.

Price: $349.00

2B Clutch friction disc

(SKU #2bdisc) organic, kevlar, or copper combinations- call

 3 levels of friction to choose from- works with any clutch pressure plate and flywheel. More clutch bite without other upgrades.

Price: $249.00

2B Aluminum Flywheel


 2B Aluminum flywheel -super light & strong - uses hardened  Audi ring gear and replaceable hard steel replaceable friction surface + all hardware.   

Price: $975.00

2B Stage2 Clutch


2B full clutch kit-  2B Aluminum flywheel & OE Allroad replacement clutch complete with pressure plate, disc, hardware, and bearings.

Price: $1,495.00

2B Stage3 clutch uses your stock flywheel


 2B high power clutch for your Allroad flywheel- Upgraded RS4 pressure plate, 2B friction disc, bearings- Up to 400hp (OE. dual mass flywheel limitation) with smooth actuation.

Price: $695.00

2B Stage4 clutch


  2B full clutch kit -  2B Aluminum flywheel, Upgraded RS4 pressure plate, 2B disc, bearings, and new hardware- holds 600hp with smooth actuation.

Price: $1,600.00

  Other drivetrain products.

APR Smubmount    For 2000-2005 4.2 only

(SKU #SM100001)

 APR Front Engine Mount. This part helps control engine movement under load.

Price: $39.00