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Suspension- All fit every Allroad year and engine type.

22Bennett Allroad coilover conversion completely eliminates the hassles and reliability problems associated with the factory airbag suspension. 

  Now you can install a system that has reliability and the handling performance you desire. 2Bennett custom assembles these packages custom at the time the order is placed.

  Systems have 3 1/2" height adjustment, springs and valving set up for YOU to transform your Allroad into the machine it could never be before.

  If you desire soft ride similar to original, slightly uprated, or serious performance, we can make it happen.

Complete system $1980. ready to install with no core parts to return. Includes all instructions and parts for a very easy installation with no residual warning lights.

We now offer more 2Bennett Allroad specific packages.
Multiple height ranges, multiple ride comfort ranges, and even track packages.

Top of the page- Sport street/ track package - sitting on 19" wheels
his system includes 2B Billet Aluminum front upper mounts with Delrin spring seats for crisp but not harsh handling, firm shock settings, sport 2B spring rates.

Below- Street package

 This system has slightly uprated 2B springs and shock settings with height range up to Allroad level 3. Comfort is retained with more precise handling and feel than air-ride.                                  3.5 inch height adjustment range.

Adjustable front control arms-

 Fully adjustable front upper control arm set. Direct replacement for OE. arms. Now Allroads can be aligned properly adjusting camber and caster.

 $699. set. With 2B 12 month/ 12k mile warranty.

H-Sport Swaybar set

SKU #22815

 Hotchkis swaybar set- Overall grip is increased for safer maneuvering at each ride height option while the set is also compatible with popular lowering modifications. The Sport Set includes a 35mm, tubular front bar, 22mm, tubular adjustable rear bar, polyurethane bushings, bushing brackets and 90-degree zerk fittings for easy lubrication.
Rate increase over stock.
Front: +60%
Rear: +98% & +132%

Price  $471.95 459.00 set